Benefits of a Plumbing Sewer Snake

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Drain Cleaning

As a home owner, one of the very best purchases you can ever make is the purchase of a plumber’s sewer snake.

A plumbing professional’s sewer snake is made use of to clear clogs by working the flexible wire like tool into the drain. They have a hand crank at one end and an auger at the company end to assist clear any clog. Motorized variations of a plumbing professional’s snake are also available for home use.

You can likewise purchase a toilet snake that is particularly designed to clear toilet clogs.

When To Use a Sewer Snake?

After using drain cleaners and failing to clear the clog, a plumber’s sewer snake may be the device to make use of. The auger at the end of the snake can be utilized to separate persistent clogs in sinks, tubs and toilets.

Drain cleaners have caustic chemicals so beware not to sprinkle while utilizing the snake. It is an excellent idea to make use of some sort of eye security if you have used drain cleaners in the drain prior to using the snake.

The Best Ways to Use the Snake

Always use protective non-slip gloves when utilizing a plumbing professional’s snake. Keep a container and towel close by when using the snake. It can not be highlighted enough that eye protection is important if you have actually used caustic drain cleaners prior to making use of the plumbing professional’s snake.

After putting the auger end into the drain, turn the manage clockwise. You will be able to feel the auger reach the clog. At this point, you can draw the auger back a little and then remain to turn the manage clockwise. This will assist the auger break through the clog. Draw the auger out when the drain is cleared and discard the clog that is connected to the auger into the bucket.

See to it you never ever toss large amounts of food down your kitchen area drains. Hair is a real issue in restroom drains, so routine cleaning with hot or boiling water poured down the drains is vital to avoiding future clogs.

The plumbing technician’s snake is a simple tool to use and can clear most obstructions that occur in the home.  There are times when all homeowners will need a professional drain cleaning, so don’t be afraid to contact a local plumbing contractor.